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I'm working on the following new packages:

  • avidemux2

    The package is a real port as I have up to 8 patches for the build system, based on cmake, and the code itself.

    For the moment the x86 package is tested as I'm heavily using using it for DVB recordings cutting.

  • mplayer snapshot

    I'm using with success the package on x86 platform and behaves quite well, compared to a similar package on Debian.

  • ffmpeg snapshot

    This is very difficult as there is a lot of assembly code, part of it solved by adapting the code to save the registers on entering, restoring them when exiting the functions, mainly in-line. Unfortunately there are quite a few which doesn't have C equivalent and this precludes the generation of shared libraries as the SUN supplied linker misbehaves when linking objects generated from assembly code. I tried to use the GNU linker but to no avail.

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This document is also available in PDF and PostScript format.

Peter FELECAN 2009-06-15