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My name is Peter Felecan. You are reading the main page of my web site.

Here I bring together information which has a potential public interest. Most of it is related to computer science, which is my professional domain of activity. However, you'll find bits, bytes and other small chunks related to my personal endeavors.

If there is something of interest, please follow the links situated at the upper left corner of this page.

Finally, there are some areas which have a restricted access. If you wish to access them, send me a message.

As a side remark, I'm not a Web artist and my focus is on the pragmatic vs. aesthetic side. All the site is built using LATEX and converted to HTML by LATEX2HTML. By the way, I provide Solaris packages for both products on OPENCSW.

Home Contact
This document is also available in PDF and PostScript format.

Peter FELECAN 2009-06-15